Maxwell McInnis


Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Providence RI

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Furniture Design- 2018



3D: An understanding and experience with two-part polyurethane plastics, domestic hardwoods, TIG welding, steam bending, vacuum forming, sewing, and upholstery. Shop skills include, band saws, table saws, drill press, joiner and plainer, and various hand tools. Monitoring in wood, metal and upholstery studios, I have learned how to maintain a working shop.

2D: Drawing skills and drafting abilities, an ability to draft and scale models and drawings. Experienced in painting, oil, acrylic, and watercolors. A working knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, along with an ability to work in Rhino and AutoCAD.

Other: Time management, office experience (answering phones, filing paperwork, data entry), managerial experience, outreach and community development, strong customer service and communications skills, and self motivated.


Professional Experience

Office Of Residence Life, RISD, Providence RI

Advocate for Inclusion in Residence (AIR)_ 2017-2018

Working between the intercultural engagement office, Residence life, and International Student Services, bringing programming and mediating conversations around topics of inclusion, identity, and social equity for the residence hall.


Office of International Student Services, RISD, Providence RI

Special assistant_ 2016 - 2018

Front desk position, answering phones and welcoming students to the office. Tasked with making sure students have the correct documents, booking appointments, and filing documents.


As220, Providence RI

Summer Festival Intern_ 2017

As the intern, I maintained the basement shop and worked on various projects related to the summer festivals As220 hosts. Weekly tasks included Building necessary items, Organizing lighting equipment and tools, entering information on spreadsheets, and attending weekly staff meetings to work on details of events.


Other Experience

RISD Exhibitionists Theater, RISD, Providence RI

President/ board member_ 2015-2018

As a board member and leader I organized events, auditions, and rehearsals for a number of productions. Also, I conducted weekly board meetings and kept group goals on time and on budget



Furniture Department Triennial, Providence RI- 2016

-Isms, ISB Gallery, Providence RI - 2017

Lost &, Gellman Gallery, Providence RI - 2017

Pure as a Seagull’s Belly, Gellman Gallery, Providence RI - 2017