Pink in a Red State

There’s a place under massive blue skies, anchored by massive green hills that cascade in every direction. The inhabitants of this expanse move within boundaries predetermined by passed down norms/ traditions. Stories, handed down time after time, each change in small ways that it seems the real truth of anything never really mattered. What does it mean to follow the tradition of interpreting and reinterpreting these stories when you sit outside the normative structures

Exhibited at: "Sit on It, Department of Furniture Design Senior show" Woods Gerry Gallery, 2018

"Senior invitational 2018" Woods Gerry Gallery, 2018

"New Contemporaries" Gellman Gallery, 2018


Wood pulp, found objects, upholstery, velour, logs

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Following images from "Sit on It"

"Big Guy Truck Nutz" wall hanging piece

"Big Guy Truck Nutz" wall hanging piece