My work centers around my constant desire to undermine many of the implicit gender roles that we come across regularly. It is my belief that through collage and performance i am best equipped to talk about and question societal norms.

Queercore meets 'Little House on the Prairie'

My time at RISD has been filled with amazing learning oprotunities and connections, I have gotten to explore my love of furniture and it's design. For me, Furniture is a chance to make sculpture that can directly be a part of someone's dailly life. Furniture is a language that is very conducive to story telling for me



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After being born and raised in Davenport, Iowa, I moved out to Rhode Island to attend RISD (the Rhode Island School of Design). Here, I have had the chance to intern at As220, I have worked at RISD in the Office of International Student Services, the office of Residence Life, as a club leader for the theater group (The RISD Exhibitionists), and an International Orientation Leader. All of these jobs and opportunities have been incredibly rewarding and challenging. 

I have recently relocated to the great city of Minneapolis, MN.



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